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Sunday, October 17, 2010

...And Now For Something Completely Different!

I've focused solely on the literary aspect of of this blog thus far, but the name also clearly implies that I am a housewife. And so, to fill the vast open spaces between books, I'm going to start adding some housewifely material to this blog. Mostly because of how long it took me to read Don Quixote, partly because I just started reading Rights of Man, which, from the looks of things, will also take a while to finish.

My first housewifely tip is... FAKE IRONING! I hate ironing clothes. I hate it like I hate stepping on a slug barefoot. That being said, my friend Toni taught me this little trick. Get a spray bottle, and fill it half full of water. Fill the the remaining empty space with any white colored fabric softener. Spray on dry clothes until slightly damp, then shake, stretch, and smooth the wrinkles away, and hang them up. Good to go! Why white fabric softener? Because the colored stuff will leave spots on your clothes. This is cheaper than buying the anti-wrinkle spray, and less hot and more lazy than ironing. FYI- does not remove wrinkles from face, no matter how much you shake yourself. Oh well, at least I tried!

Also, even though I started this blog with the intent of only reading the classic books I have immediately available to me, people like to give me books as gifts- so there will also be some more modern books coming soon at random intervals.


  1. Good to know. I usually just use the wrinkle-release setting of the dryer and hope for the best. It's lucky I have low standards for such things, otherwise I'd be miserable.

  2. I just mostly buy clothes that don't wrinkle easily. My husband, being a guy, doesn't really consider these things... until recently. And that's because I told him he can iron his own damn clothes- I've got better things to do! ;)