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Friday, August 26, 2011

My Army date got pushed back and other adventures

Well, my Army date got pushed back a couple of months because of an orthodontic device I need to get removed. Specifically, a screw in the roof of my mouth. Or, as I like to say, "My orthodontist screwed me in the mouth and now I can't join the Army."

The screw gets removed next month, and then I'll get to go to basic training in November. A minor setback. I should have posted this episode of blogginess sooner, but I've been really busy wasting time on Facebook.

Since my Army date got moved, I sold my car to cover the cost of child care so we can keep the girls enrolled so they don't lose their spots. As such, I've been trying to make myself be more active because 1) I totally need to work on that anyway because I'm joining the Army and 2) I should probably step foot outside of the house once in awhile.

Aside from paying for some child care, selling my car also gave me money to get the screw removed, new tires for the spousal unit's car (it SERIOUSLY needed them!), running shoes with toe pockets (sorry for not following your advice Lauren... but it's like shoes that are TOE SOCKS! *squee!*), and...... I GOT A GOLDEN TICKET TO SEE 30 SECONDS TO MARS!!!!! (Jared Leto- om nom nom nom) So, after my Army date unexpectedly got moved, my favorite band coincidentally added a Honolulu tour date, my car that had been up for sale on craigslist for about a month was coincidentally found by a woman who "totally LOVES" that make and model (which is weird... it was a Ford Taurus stationwagon.) so I coincidentally had money available to buy tickets to MEET my favorite band on the month I'll be turning turn 30! That's what a Golden Ticket is- I get to meet the band, watch the concert from the side of the stage, get some limited-edition swag, and I get to be onstage for one of their songs. I'm so excited I can't contain myself! I'm 30 going on 13!

In book-related news, I did read a book and I liked it, but I'm not going to review it yet. My brain's not in book review mode and I have to get ready to spend the day with my friend Racheal. She's a glass sandblasting artist and she's going to teach me how it's done. I'm so excited to get to learn how to do a new thing! 

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