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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Metropolis by Brian and Melanie Jackson

First, I need to apologize for dragging my feet on posting... again. Things have been interesting- I had house guests from out of state and I enlisted in the Army. I leave for basic training in August. I'm going in to learn signals intelligence and linguistics, which means I get to learn a foreign language- I'm so excited! And nervous! And excited! I'm going to have to be away from my kids for long periods of time, and my heart is already breaking over that. Being away from them will definitely be the most difficult part of this whole adventure. But I'm doing this for them- to help stabilize our family's finances, to be able to send them to college, to give me a chance to learn some things about myself so I can be a better mom. They are my world, and I will sacrifice anything to do the things I feel will be best for them in the long run. For me, they are the reason the sun rises each day, and the fate of my world rests on their well-being. But enough about me.

Metropolis is, quite simply, a great book. In between this and The Demon Girl I have officially become addicted to indie literature. Indie lit has fewer calories than Ben & Jerry's, and is twice as satisfying! There are some AMAZING stories out there, just waiting to be read! I get giddy just thinking about it. Oh, right- back to the book. Let's try this again.

Long story short: Metropolis is the first book in the Book of Dreams series. It has everything I like in a book- gripping story line, relatable characters, wonderful descriptions that make the world visible inside your mind... It's just awesome. It's  a perfect balance of dark, weird, and wonderful- and it has a strong female lead, to boot! Let's enter the Narcoscape, shall we?

Nicodemus (Nic) Smith is a dream retrieval expert. She can traverse the entire world of dreams (the Narcoscape) with the greatest of ease (well, sort of) and bring people who are stuck there back to their bodies- such as people who are comatose. Needless to say, her job is quite specialized and people who don't understand it aren't always receptive to the idea. But she's mostly ok with that. Dream retrieval is a job her family has done for generations, and she's the last one available to still do the job. Her parents and husband are dead, and she has no children. Her Aunt Gertrude is all she has left, and she's in a care home due to her ever-deteriorating mental capacities.

One day, a mysterious stranger shows up to her office and asks for her help. Everyone knows that mysterious strangers are usually nothing but trouble- and this one is no exception. He's a Freudian- a member of a powerful, elite group of psychologists who don't believe in Nic's work. So why is a Freudian risking being blackballed from his organization (or worse) to come visit Nic?  Because something from the Narcoscape (which, until very recently he didn't believe in) had come across and driven his dear friend to madness, and is now after him. And his (now deceased) friend believed this entity is responsible for a number of unexplained suicides. Naturally, she thinks this sounds ridiculous. Sure, the Narcoscape is a whole other world full of infinite possibilities- but it's all just dreams. Dreams can't come wakeside, right? Right? Yeah... about that.

In this book, you will find the following: Horrifying monsters of various description, San Francisco, intriguing detectives, evil mayors, a car chase, gun-wielding psychopaths, cowboys, red grass, a hole to another dimension, an amazing sports arena, an awesome batty old lady, hot cocoa, parts of ancient Egypt, and many, many other things of note.

Read it. Right now. Stop what you are doing, and pick up a copy of this story. DO IT!

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  1. Sounds a like a wild ride. Glad you're happy with the decision you made. I know you've been thinking about it for a while. Good luck!